Witt Sparks

Software Engineer



As a software generalist, I love positions where I can wear many hats, from developing web user interfaces to writing Linux scripts to automate a build or deployment process. I am experienced enough to recommend designs, approaches, and tools. I'm also flexible and willing to adopt and contribute to existing processes. I enjoy the challenge of launching a new project, but I recogize that most of a developer's work involves building on the work of others, and I'm not above diving into existing code to make enhancements and fix bugs.


With four years of experience as a software project manager, I can take ownership of all aspects of getting a new or redesigned product off the ground and launched. From requirements definition through wireframes and usability testing to implementation and deployment, I enjoy managing the details and interacting with all of the involved stakeholders. I have experience with the tools and techniques involved in leading an agile development team. Most importantly, I love working with and learning from teams of great people.

  • Witt is an exceptional innovator who also has the rare ability to work within the confines of an existing architecture. He is a great communicator and consumate team mate. I am really glad he is on my team. With Witt you will always get honest and objective feedback. He delivers in every aspect of software engineering.
    - Ed Rotthoff - Director of Research Software Engineering, Biodesix

  • Witt is able to work across a variety of roles in a project: from developer to project manager to client liaison. He can also execute all of these roles simultaneously, making him valuable for small team projects. Witt has a great attitude, and is a joy to have on a team.
    - Johanna Levene - Section Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Witt is one of those exceptional people. He brings vision and new ideas to the table with every project. Witt is not only a rock star developer, but also has excellent "people" skills. He communicates with all levels of management, other developers, and project team members with grace and kindness. This asset is particularly useful as a project manager, where he is able to get a team to rally behind him and finish on schedule.
    - Trish Cozart - Sr Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Witt was a student in classes I taught as part of the Engineering Management masters program at CU Boulder, including Management of R & D. Witt showed a strong aptitude for the subject matter, and performed well on the numerous individual assignments and team projects that were a requirement of the program.
    - Michael Usrey - Vice President, Sporian Microsystems, Inc.


Assessment Generator

Role: Developer and Chief Technical Officer

My wife and I own and operate this small SaaS business. I recently re-built it from the ground up using the technologies listed below. I designed the user interface and wrote 100% of the code. I perform all aspects of development, deployment, maintenenance and enhancements. Feel free to create a free account and look around!

MySQL | PHP | Laravel | JavaScript | jQuery | VueJS | MaterializeCSS | HTML | CSS | AJAX | Web Services | GIT

Vehicle Cost Calculator

Role: Project Manager

I proposed the idea for this tool to NREL management and the government customer and obtained funding for the project. I Designed and reviewed mockups of the UI layout over multiple iterations and secured the right to use the underlying data set from a partner organization. I led a small team of developers who implemented the tool using PHP and Oracle. Throughout the development process I maintained the project budget and schedule and provided regular status updates. The project was completed on time and on budget.

MS Project | Balsamiq | Agile Development | Pivotal Tracker


Role: Developer

This is one of several mapping applications available on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Map Portal, many of which are based on the OpenCarto mapping framework designed and developed by myself and three colleagues at the lab. The tool and the framework are implemented using PHP, JavaScript, ExtJS, OpenLayers, and PostGIS. I contributed code to all aspects of this system, as well has helping to define the concept behind the maps.nrel.gov site.

PHP | JavaScript | ExtJS | OpenLayers | Postgres | PostGIS | MySQL | MapServer | Tilecache | HTML | CSS

Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool

Role: Project Manager

This tool helps fleet managers evaluate ways to reduce their petroleum consumption using a variety of methods. I was tasked with the development of this tool based on an older version of it. I was given a budget of $300,000 and led a small team in implementing the tool using PHP, JavaScript, and Oracle. I led all aspects of the project from UI design and usability testing through implementation and deployment.

MS Project | Balsamiq | Pivotal Tracker | Agile Development

After Hours

When I'm not working, I can probably be found outside enjoying the Colorado sunshine. I love sharing human-powered outdoor activities like skiing and biking with my family. We also enjoy international travel and have recently completed an overland trip from Alaska to Patagonia.


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